Reduce the cost of ElasticSearch by up to


Mach5 Search is a self-managing, cloud-native search platform that reduces operational toil and delivers orders of magnitude cost savings.

What is Mach5 Search? (3 min.)

Mach5 Search: Community Edition

Deploy Mach5 Search Community Edition for Free* in your environment in just a few minutes.
* Mach5 Search Community Edition is provided free of charge from Mach5 Software. GCP cloud charges apply.
10X cost reduction

By running on low-cost, elastically scalable cloud resources, you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Fully automated and self-managing

Eliminate the need for complex Index Lifecycle Management and cluster provisioning. Data tiering and workload scaling is handled automatically out of the box.

Data never leaves your VPC

Eliminate expensive data egress fees and keep sensitive data where only you can see it.

Get started with Mach5 Search in just 5 minutes.

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