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Mach5 on BigQuery

Get more value out of your BigQuery data warehouse

How it works

Query data through Mach5 using one of the supported languages

Mach5 translates the query from one of the supported languages into the equivalent, underlying BigQuery SQL statement against your table(s). During translation, the compiler automatically transforms query and filter expressions into SQL that leverages the indexes that were built at ingestion time in order to make use of BigSearch optimization capabilities whenever possible.

Ingest and store data directly into BigQuery

Mach5 translates bulk requests into BigQuery streaming write API requests, converts and stores your data in a tabular format within BigQuery. Mach5 adds synthetic fields to your table data that act as an in-place index structure. These synthetic fields contain specific data and tokens that allow us to support the more complex types of queries that are provided by the Elasticsearch Query DSL (e.g. phrase search, typo search)

Search across your database without knowing the schema

Simplify your searches and barriers to analyzing your data. Know roughly what you need to find but not sure where to look? Just type in what you are looking for. Mach5's indexes intelligently search across your database to find matches, regardless of which table they live in and regardless where in the data model/schema they are stored.

Use the language of your choice

Use Kusto Query Language (KQL), SPL (Splunk Query Language), SQL, or Elasticsearch DSL to query your data. Mach5 transparently translates your query into equivalent BigQuery SQL and executes it against the stored data.

All data is stored in your BigQuery database

No need to duplicate your data and maintain a monolithic search stack. Mach5's stateless, cloud-native architecture requires little maintenance.

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