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Mach5 Search + Databricks

Unlock Powerful Search Analytics with Databricks and Mach5 Search.

Get real-time search and analytics capabilities for your big data, without worrying about costs.

Build low cost but powerful data processing and analytics pipelines with Databricks and Mach5 Search.

Save up to 10X costs in performing real-time machine data analysis

Zero switching cost from Elasticsearch / OpenSearch

Achieve 100% scale through disaggregated storage and compute.

Opensearch Dashboards Integration

Opensearch Dashboards over Delta table data

Create real-time visualizations and dashboards using Opensearch Dashboards allowing for streamlined analysis and insights.

Full-text search

Bring the power of full-text search to Notebooks

Improve productivity and effectiveness of data scientists, analysts, and other stakeholders working with large datasets and complex analysis.

Mach5 + Spark SQL

Integration with Spark SQL

Query your data in Spark SQL using Mach5's ElasticSearch compatible API.
Mach5's powerful data analysis capabilities can be used in Spark SQL UDFs and built-in functions.

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