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Mach5 Search + Snowflake

Revolutionize your data analysis with Mach5 Search, fully optimized to work seamlessly with Snowflake.

Get real-time search and analytics capabilities for your big data, without worrying about costs.

Mach5 Search offers powerful analytics capabilities with high-speed processing, advanced scalability and easy collaboration - all seamlessly integrated with Snowflake.

Save up to 10X costs in performing real-time machine data analysis

Zero switching cost from Elasticsearch / OpenSearch

Achieve 100% scale through disaggregated storage and compute.

Lower operational cost and complexity

Pay-per-usage pricing model offers 10X cost savings from Elasticsearch

Eliminate the need to deploy and maintain multiple data management systems and complex ETL pipelines.
Significantly lower the cost of licensing, cloud infrastructure, and operations by only paying for the stored data and executed queries.

Auto-scaling and self-managing

Storage and compute resources are scaled independently of one another.

Auto scaling allows compute resources to grow and shrink based on the workload changes, without requiring any human intervention.

Highest level of security and protection

We place high value on maintaining the confidentiality of your data.

Mach5 Search runs completely within the customer’s VPC, thus ensuring that the customer's data remains protected and confidential.

Elasticsearch Ecosystem Compatibility

Migrate Elasticsearch / OpenSearch applications seamlessly without code changes

Ready to use with all tools compatible with the ELK stack

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