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Try our Sample Data

Mach5 provides three sample data sets which can be used for evaluating and testing the search and visualizations capabilities offered by the product.

  1. Sample eCommerce orders
  2. Sample flight data
  3. Sample web logs

Load a dataset into Mach5

Navigate to "Add Sample Data" From the Mach5 UI Home page. Click "Add Data" to load a dataset of your choice.

Query the dataset

Navigate to "Discover" from the Home page to run Search queries and filter the data. Here is an example of the "Sample web logs" dataset filtered with agent = "Mozilla/4.0"


View sample visualizations and/or create your own using the sample datasets. Here is a scatter plot which uses the "Sample web logs" dataset to depict the transferred bytes per file type during a time period.


Click on "View data" to view the default dashboards. Here is an example of a "Web Traffic" dashboard generated with the "Sample web logs" dataset

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